California Electric Car Charger Permits

Accelerate Your Electric Car Charger Projects With The EV Infrastructure Permitting Specialists

  1. Commercial & Residential
  2. Documentation Compliance
  3. Application Preparation
  4. Submission & Processing
  5. Status Updates
  6. Fast Turnaround
  7. RTI & Inspection Support

We specialize in fast-tracking permits for electric car charger installations. Since 2010, our experts have assisted contractors, developers, architects, and engineers across California, turning the often complex permit process into a smooth and efficient experience. We ensure your EV charger projects are powered by seamless permit acquisition.

What Does Our Electric Car Charger Permit Service Include?

  1. Documentation Compliance

    We ensure that all documentation, from electrical plans to safety assessments, adheres to the standards.

  2. Application Preparation

    We handle the application process, ensuring accuracy and compliance to avoid unnecessary setbacks.

  3. Submission & Processing

    We seamlessly coordinate with relevant agencies, ensuring approvals without delay.

  4. Status Updates

    Stay informed with consistent updates and clear communication throughout the process.

  5. Fast Turnaround

    Leverage our experience and relationships for faster permit processing, keeping your installations on track.

  6. RTI & Inspection Support

    Our service extends beyond obtaining permits to ensure your projects progress smoothly to completion.

Why Choose Us For Your Electric Car Charger Permitting Needs?

  1. Dedicated Expertise In EV Charger Permits

    We deeply understand the specific requirements for electric car charger installations, ensuring your projects comply with all electrical and safety standards.

  2. Expedited Permit Processing

    Timing is crucial in the rapidly evolving EV landscape. Our expediting services are designed to minimize delays, helping you meet critical project timelines.

  3. Comprehensive Permit Solutions

    From the initial application to final approval, we manage every aspect of the permitting process. This comprehensive approach allows you to concentrate on your installations' technical and design elements.

  4. Customized Support For Industry Leaders

    Our services are tailored to the unique needs of contractors, developers, and architects. We strive to seamlessly integrate with your project workflows, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

  5. Strong Local And Statewide Connections

    Our established relationships with local authorities across California enable us to navigate the permitting landscape more effectively.